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Senior Travel Tips

B&B Travel Tips for Seniors

Money-saving suggestions: Seniors typically have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling a romantic getaway.  The following tips may offer significant savings to seniors or others who can take advantage of flexible travel dates. 
  1. Travel midweek: B&Bs are usually busiest on weekends, so rates are almost always significantly less on weekdays. 
  2. Stay multiple nights: A three-night stay will almost always result in an additional reduction in rates.  If a reduced rate is not advertised, it doesn't hurt to ask!
  3. Travel off-season: Avoid peak periods such as school vacations, holiday weekends, and the and fall foliage, when rates will be at a premium.  Instead, travel off-season for lower rates, less traffic, and fewer crowds.
  4. Pay for the location, rather than the room: In general, you'll get more for your money by selecting the least expensive room in a more pricy B&B than the most expensive room in a less costly one. The least expensive room may be the inn's smallest, but you'll enjoy the same top quality amenities, d├ęcor that the pricier rooms enjoy.
  5. Take advantage of last-minute travel deals: Use your increased flexibility to enjoy spur-of-the moment getaways.

Comfort-enhancing and safety suggestions for senior travelers:
  1. Lighting: The older we get the less light our eyes absorb. If you enjoy reading, ask for a room that has good lighting on both sides of the bed and in the bathroom.
  2. Stairs: Many B&Bs have a first-floor guest room, so be sure to ask for one if stairs present a problem.
  3. Tub and/or shower grab bars: Grab bars are a good idea, if not a necessity, especially when getting in and out of deep soaking tubs or whirlpools.
  4. Phone & email access: Cell phones don't always work in rural areas, so inquire about telephone and email access, if you need to be in touch with loved ones at home.