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Terms of Membership

By submitting an application for membership to the Romantic Getaways association, Innkeepers agree to the following terms:

1. Member agrees to pay the initiation fee and membership dues in a timely manner. Membership will be terminated by Romantic Getaways LLC if payment is not received within 5 days of the end of the listing period (quarterly or annually). Member may terminate  membership at the end of any quarter, by not paying the next quarterly dues.

2. Membership may be terminated, at the sole discretion of  Romantic Getaways, LLC.  If membership is terminated, you will be given a prorated  refund of membership dues only.   Neither the initiation fee nor membership dues are refundable, except in the case of termination of by Romantic Getaways, LLC (see #6 below).

3.Member agrees to display a Romantic Getaways plaque at their property location. (Plaques are provided by Romantic Getaways to all PREMIER member properties after the second year of membership renewal.) 

4. Member agrees to provide high-resolution photography and a description of their inn with unlimited usage rights granted to Romantic Getaways. (PREMIER member properties only)