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Our Commitment to Integrity and Objectivity
We seek to "level the playing field" between larger properties and some wonderful and intimate smaller properties which may have smaller advertising budgets.

We believe that every Innkeeper who manages a  Bed and Breakfast Inn with integrity, quality and exemplary hospitality should have the opportunity for optimal exposure, without paying exorbitant fees!

Our Emphasis on Quality Rather than Quantity
We are not merely a travel directory site; we are a membership association.  Our goal is not to grow the number of properties on Romantic Getaways at the expense of our reputation for quality.  Our membership application process is an important part of what sets us apart from other “mega-sites”, some of which have thousands of listings, with little or no quality control.

One aspect of our quality assurance program is our member application process. However, we approach customer reviews with care and discretion.  (Please see for more details about our views on the prevalence of manipulation of customer reviews of bed and breakfasts such as paying for reviews.)

Our Commitment to Optimizing Online Marketing for Your Success
The Romantic Getaways marketing team has invested considerable resources in market research to identify target markets and implement search engine optimization. ALL Romantic Getaways member properties receive the benefit of hundreds of hours of website development and marketing research.

Check out over 150 keywords for which we rank on the first page of Google!
Our Commitment to Ongoing Value
We are committed to keeping fees at a reasonable level. Unlike some mega travel sites, we will not create more "exclusive" and higher cost membership programs every few years!

Romantic Getaways offers two membership levels.
Basic:  Placement of a text link to your home page from a keyword optimized page on Romantic Getaways website.  (No initiation fee. Monthly membership fee of $19)  Learn more about membership fees.

Premier: Click here to read more about the additional benefits of a Premier Membership.
(A one time initiation fee. Monthly membership fee of $19)

LIMITED TIME OFFER!  Receive a Savings of $50 off your Initiation Fee

We hope that you'll agree that the quality and value provided to Romantic Getaways members can't be beat! 

If you are interested in becoming a member Inn of Romantic Getaways, we would love to learn more about you!  We invite you to complete your membership application today!