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Our Difference

Our mission is to serve our member property owners and those who are  seeking romantic getaway accommodations with excellence and integrity.  We strive to accomplish this goal through maintaining a user friendly website, focused on premier quality properties for the discerning traveler. 

Quality and Focus
Romantic Getaways features premier quality Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Boutique Hotels and Luxury Cabins. We cater to adult travelers who seek an intimate and romantic atmosphere for reconnecting and sharing a romantic experience as a couple.

Our Emphasis on Quality Rather than Quantity

We are not merely a travel directory site; we are a membership association.  Our goal is not to grow the number of properties on Romantic Getaways at the expense of our reputation for quality.  Our membership application process is an important part of what sets us apart from other “mega-sites”, some of which have thousands of listings, with little or no quality control.

In addition to the quality assurance provided by our member application process, we also consistently monitor customer reviews from other travel sites and follow up on any consistent patterns which appear to warrant a need for improvement.  Please see for more details about our views on the prevalence of manipulation of customer reviews of bed and breakfasts such as paying for reviews. Therefore, we approach our follow up of customer reviews with great care and discretion. We believe that this in-depth process helps to provides assurance that each and every one of our members are truly the best experience for couples romantic getaways!

Our Commitment to Integrity and Objectivity
We seek to "level the playing field" between larger properties and some wonderful and intimate smaller properties which may have smaller advertising budgets.

We believe that every Innkeeper who manages a  bed and breakfast, Inn or Luxury Cabin with integrity, quality and exemplary hospitality should have the same opportunity for optimal exposure, without paying exorbitant fees!

If you are a traveler or innkeeper with comments or questions, please contact us.

Innkeepers and property owners may read more about Romantic Getaways membership.